5 diseases that you confuse high pressure

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Determine whether you have a normal blood pressure, not so simple. Comfortable, or «working», Pressure for everyone. Some feel perfectly at standard 120/80. Other norm will be 100/60 — and for them 120/80 will be already elevated. In general, it is believed that a person suffers from high pressure if it «Stepped» Marker at 130/80. And numbers in 180/120 and above — This is already a reason to immediately apply for medical care.

Increased pressure often flows without symptoms or with very lubricated symptoms. That is why hypertension is often called «quiet killer». Until half of people who go high pressure, just do not notice it. Those who have any manifestations of hypertension, may experience headaches, weakness and dizziness, chest pain, breathing problems, hear «heart beat» in ears.

Reduced pressure also often does not give any symptoms. In general, hypotension is less dangerous than hypertension — If no low pressure manifestations are bothering, then such a state can be considered the norm. However, sometimes a decrease in pressure provokes dizziness, weakness, nausea, a man pale leather, hung hands and feet.

As you might notice, some signs of increased and reduced pressure coincide, therefore, determine the violation of pressure «approximately» almost impossible. And the best way to understand whether you have manifestations of hypertension or hypotension, — Just measure the pressure tonometer.

However, there are our pitfalls here. First, you need to measure your pressure over a certain period (including when you feel good) to calculate your «workers» norm. Secondly, it is advisable to make several measurements and take the average. Blood pressure is very sensitive to different changes in the inner and external environment, so the numbers on the tonometer can fluctuate — For example, if you are nervous, the position has changed sharply, hot tea drank before froze and so on.

When it is not pressure

Suppose you have already found out that they are prone to hypertension or hypotension. And once again, you have symptoms that happen when problems with pressure, but there is no tonometer at hand. Or, suppose you managed to measure pressure, but it looks normal. What reasons for bad well-being should be eliminated before running drinking coffee or antihypertensive agents?

Stress headache

After a long day at the computer you have «Stunulo» the head of the head, got the head, and you thought that the reason for — pressure? Is not a fact — It is possible that it’s just a headache of voltage. Such pain arises from the overvoltage of the muscles of the neck and shoulders, mostly if you are sitting in an uncomfortable posture. Bilateral pain, does not pulsate, and in principle this pain is quite tolerant. Often even enough to warm up and change body position. If you came out on fresh air, walked, made gymnastics and lightweight neck and shoulders, after which the pain passed — Most likely, it was not connected with pressure, but with excessive tension of muscles.

Reduced glucose levels

Symptoms similar to signs of increased or reduced pressure, may occur in hypoglycemia — Simply put, reducing blood sugar levels. It is usually believed that the blood glucose concentration may dramatically fall only in people who suffer from diabetes, but it is not. In a healthy person, a low level of glucose can say that too much time has passed since the previous meal. Also drop sugar can provoke alcohol or some medicines.

Hypoglycemia is manifested by weakness and dizziness, difficulties with concentration, headache, chills or high sweating. Similar to «pressure»? And how! In hypoglycemia there is one characteristic symptom — strong, possibly unbearable hunger. In addition, a man with a reduced level of glucose in blood sharply deteriorates the mood. So try instead of a conventional cup of coffee or green tea that you are trying to raise «pressure», eat chocolate or sandwich. Or at least add to your drink a couple of sugar spoons.

However, if hypoglycemia arises with you too often, it is still worth passing blood test for sugar to exclude diabetes. And it is also better to check the level of the glycated hemoglobin — This indicator reflects the average blood sugar concentration over the past few months and will help «to catch» Prediabetic state.

Anxiety disorder

Unpleasant condition similar to «pressure», may occur with alarming disorders — Especially with generalized anxiety and panic attacks. General symptoms of all disturbing disorders include dizziness, rapid heartbeat, nausea. A person feels shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, he has a little, sweat or frustrate the limbs. With panic attacks, there may also be pain in the chest, serious weakness on the verge of fainting and feeling that the heart knocks in the temples and now stop.

Increased anxiety is connected with the fact that the body reacts too much to stress, throwing out redundant amount of adrenaline into blood. He, in turn, can also cause accelerated heartbeat, and increase pressure. However, problems in this case are not with a heart and pressure, but with a nervous system. In the event of alarming disorder, the symptoms need to be removed not by drugs from pressure, but by sedative: when it is possible to take control of the stressful reaction, high pressure and other symptoms will be held by themselves.


Some infectious diseases proceed almost without symptoms, and their manifestations can be easily recorded on poor health associated with pressure. For example, when infected with a variety of herpes, cytomegalovirus or Epstein-Barr virus, weakness may occur, chills (due to a slightly elevated temperature), the pain in the head and muscles.

If this is true was a simple herpes virus, then after a day, you will find the rashes on the lips (or on the genitals, in the case of genital herpes). With other infections, no external symptoms may not be at all, so the reason for the sluggish state will remain a riddle for a long time.

So those who are tormented by the symptoms for a long time «Pressure», But the mother-in-law and coffee do not help, it is worth passing tests for hidden infections.


Manifestations of hypoteriosis — Reduced thyroid function — Largely similar to the symptoms of hyper- and hypotension. And mostly we are talking about sluggish well-being and constant weakness. Also in people with hypothyroidism, as well as those who suffer from low pressure, the skin will be shuffle, hung hands and legs.

But those whose thyroid gland works poorly, there are additional symptoms. For example, they are gaining overweight and can not reset it. Their skin dries, they lose hair. Many are faced with constipation, women have a menstrual cycle, and monthly becomes more painful. Also, severe irritability may appear in patients with hypothyroidism, depression develops. If letness and weakness, you have a long time, perhaps it is not a pressure, but in the level of hormones. It is worth passing analyzes with which the function of the thyroid gland is estimated, and, if necessary, begin hormonal therapy.