How does alcohol affect blood pressure? Does alcohol affect hypertension?

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People with hypertension wonder whether alcohol increases or decreases blood pressure, how the amount of alcohol affects the condition of the arterial system? It is worth to understand how some drinks can affect blood pressure. Doctors do not recommend drinking alcohol to test its effect on the body. It is better to first learn about the effects of alcohol on the blood vessels in various diseases.

Alcohol and pressure

To determine how intoxication affects the state of healthy people, doctors conducted an experiment. In the course of the study, they offered a 20-subject (robust men and women) drink vodka, wine or beer of 50, 100 or 500 ml, respectively. After half an hour, they handed over blood test and checked pressure. Results of research revealed the following:

  • increased blood pressure;
  • the ESR level has risen (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) in the blood;
  • increased heart rate.

After experiment, the subjects did not notice the changes. Continuing the study, doctors offered to participants to use the same dose of alcohol daily 2 weeks in a row. Specified time 2/3 of the Group reported generally ailment in the morning and rapid heartbeat. For these signs, the fortress of drinks did not affect. The rest of the participants felt the same way as before the experiment.

Alcohol use standards

Everyone has own standard alcohol reception. It affects the sexuality, condition of the body and the presence of diseases. Contraindications in any case apply to the following cases:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • age up to 18 years;
  • Brain violations;
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • Allergy to alcohol.

Consumption of drinks containing ethyl spirit impairs the functioning of the heart, pancreas and gallbladder. The eye nerve is adversely affected. People who have these organs working with any disorders are better off not drinking alcohol. The rest can drink daily – up to 75 ml of vodka, up to 200 ml of wine, up to half a liter of beer. However, even with the daily intake of the specified amount of alcohol, a person develops a bad habit. Over time, the body demands larger doses, which leads to taper and the development of alcoholism.A man suffers from alcoholism

Weekly dose alcohol for man without health problems – 300-400 ml of vodka (with a one-time reception). For wine, this rate is about 1000 ml, for beer – 3 L. When taking alcohol-containing drinks twice a week It is worth reduce dose twice. Women are also recommended to reduce the indicators, since their body is susceptible to ethanol.

How alcohol affects pressure

Reveal exactly how alcohol affects hell, you can only experience. To do this, after each reception of alcoholic beverages, measure it with a tonometer. Perform measurements after half an hour. If you do measurements regularly, easy to identify pattern. However, even with small doses of alcohol daily use leads to change The states of vascular walls. After alcohol pressure, when receiving, begins to rise, and sometimes – vary unpredictable.

Alcohol at low pressure

In hypotonists, the walls of the vessels are in a relaxed state. The use of ethyl-containing beverages in a small volume leads to their even greater expansion. Respectively, Pressure decreases. The increase in heart rate after taking alcohol leads to a deterioration of blood circulation in the limbs, so many hypotonized seems to be their feet.

Regularly drinking alcoholic beverages, a low-pressure person provokes a hypertension hypertension emission into blood. As a result, arterial indicators rises. In addition, the frequent taking of alcohol beverages causes impaired kidney functions.

Depending on the dosage and age group, when using alcohol-containing drinks, the blood pressure can how to fall and increase. Scientific research capable of give an accurate answer to the influence of pressure alcohol has not yet been conducted.

Alcohol at high pressure

With hypertension, alcohol causes an even greater pressure increase, if a person drinks a lot or constantly. Alcohol provokes an increase in heart rate. Adrenaline and stressful hormones are thrown into the blood. Suffering hypertension better Do not drink alcohol Generally, since the risk of stroke increases significantly.

Is it possible to drink alcohol at high pressure

For hypertensive, there is no complete ban on alcohol intake. However, decide how much to drink, better after visiting the doctor. It is important to observe Long intervals between receptions. With constant or excessive use of alcohol, hell (blood pressure) begins to rise.

Exists A number of factors, At which it is better not to take alcohol:

  • obesity or existence of excess weight;
  • a tendency to the formation of thromboms in vessels;
  • reduced elasticity of vascular walls;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • tendency to swelling;
  • elevated blood sugar or blood cholesterol;

These factors increase the risk of developing hypertension, even if low-alcohol drinks. Taking beer Negatively reflects on the functioning of the kidneys. With hypertension, it is better not to drink alcohol more than 1 time in a week. It is important to comply with the individual dosage.

What alcohol reduces pressure

Choose an alcoholic drink that reduces pressure, problematic. Everything is very individual. Alcohol, lowering pressure, belongs to balsam, brandy or whiskey. However, they should be used only in a permissible dosage. Pressure Decreases temporary – for 1-2 hours. After that it increases, often even more than previous indicators. In addition, repeated techniques can not only do not have the desired effect, but increase the vascular tone. At the same time the pressure increases.

Cognac with hypertension

Cognac is distinguished by the ability to reduce pressure, if you use it in a volume of 30-40 ml 1-2 times in 7 days. It expands the vessels, which causes changes in the test indicators. Drink can not be used if you plan to take pills from hypertension.

Doctors deny the effect of reduced blood pressure when taking brandy. Since hypertension – This is an integrated disease, it should be treated only after a comprehensive survey. Patients with hypotension unsafe resort to cognac use because the consequences are difficult to predict.

A man pours alcohol in a glass

White wine at elevated pressure

The effect of white wine on pressure is ambiguous. It is made from natural components, unlike most spirits. In its manufacture Not applicable ethanol.

White wine is used in European countries that are famous for long-term. However, even among them, this drink is not used for therapeutic purposes. People with hypertension are allowed to drink white wine in rare cases, better only on holidays. The difference of this drink – He causes Less complications. Since the high pressure after alcohol is manifested in its frequent reception, moderate use may not affect health.

Alcohol to increase pressure

Regularity of alcohol consumption – One of the factors of improving blood pressure. Dosage should be higher than the norm. If you drink in a small amount of champagne, beer or vodka, you can increase pressure. However, the body in some cases reacts to such an impact Unpredictable, so apply ethyl-containing drinks as medicine is not recommended. Such an attitude to their health can lead to hypertensive crisis – A sharp increase in hell to indicators of 180/110 mmHg and higher.

What pills from hypertension are compatible with alcohol

People who are constantly receiving drugs from hypertension should be known whether they are compatible with alcohol. If you read the instructions for various drugs, you can accurately determine whether to drink during treatment. In most cases Alcohol contraindica, Since the reaction of blood vessels on the simultaneous reception of drugs and alcohol may be unpredictable.

Tie alcohol and pressure only after observing your body. However, it is not recommended to experiment regularly. People with violations hell are recommended to reduce alcohol to minimize.

If you take alcohol daily, the pressure does not have time to normalize that Provocates jumps Arterial indicators. In the case of moderate use of alcoholic beverages 1 time per week, the total volume of alcohol increases slower.

Since hypertension is a dangerous disease, patients with such a diagnosis requires compulsory observation by the doctor. If the treatment is absent, the use of alcoholic beverages hypertensive needs to be limited or stopped.