Scientists prove: petting pets lowers blood pressure

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Many people get pets. Taking care of a dog or cat is time-consuming, but there is a positive benefit to having an animal living in the apartment. Touching a pet can benefit the health of the household, especially those suffering from heart and vascular disease.

What are the benefits of petting a pet

To get a few positives, you need to touch your pet. Here are a few things that will improve the well-being of the pet owner.

If you pet a dog, cat or rabbit, you can get a lower blood pressure. And it’s really true. A new study by Tombola found that petting a dog or any other animal for as little as 15 minutes has an excellent ability to lower blood pressure by 10 percent.

Scientists believe that petting a live animal releases serotonin, oxytocin, prolactin and even reduces the stress hormone cortisol. It makes you feel better and reduces stress and anxiety. And serotonin increases a person’s mood in general.

Which animals are best to touch

The study also found that even traditionally stiff animals, such as turtles, had the same effect. But for blood pressure to really go down, it’s the living thing that needs petting, not the toy. Furry animals also greatly reduced people’s anxiety.

Many people had no idea that pets can do so many health benefits. After all, time spent with them has a positive effect on people suffering from hypertension.

Pets brighten up loneliness

A study in a nursing home found that its residents feel less lonely when spending time with dogs or cats. The fact that pets can’t talk may even be helpful. After all, it means they won’t judge people, so you can talk to them about different topics. For lonely people, pets are great conversationalists.