Seven real reasons for high pressure

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Increased pressure is more than 130/90 units. This state is called arterial hypertension (AG). Moreover, in each tenth case, an increased pressure is a symptom of some other disease – states accompanied by pressure surges of about 70. Such hypertension is called symptomatic. So, the pressure is rising above 130/80 units. Possible options:

1. Violation of tone vessels

The first thing to be studied: General blood test, biochemical blood test, general urine analysis, ECG (cardiogram), if necessary, the chest x-ray, ultrasound of internal organs.

If, on the basis of the results of the tests and inspection, the cardiologist's doctor revealed problems with vessels (violation of the vascular tone for hypertensive type), and otherwise you are quite a healthy person, then your problem is called «simple» hypertensive disease. In this case, the main tasks: passing all the necessary cardiovascular surveys and competently select the antihypertensive drug diagram to keep pressure within the norm.

2. Problems with kidneys

Almost always increases pressure in kidney disease. For example, if there is urination disorders – pain, burning, frequent urge – it is likely that you have a launched inflammation in the organs of a small pelvic or urolithiasis. In men at the age, the increase in pressure can be aggravated by prostatitis.

3. Hormonal violations

If the blood is analyzing the low content of potassium, and the increased pressure is combined with muscle weakness, most likely it is insufficient in the body of the Hormone of Aldosterone, explains the Cardiologist Tamara Ogoiyev.

Pressure rises by attacks, crisis is accompanied by pallor, sweating, reinforced heartbeat, shiver, there is weight loss, chair disorder? Feochromocytoma is possible – a benign tumor of adrenal glands.

4. Hangover

Increased pressure – one of the frequent hangover symptoms among quite healthy people. The decay of alcohol causes brain vessels, which gives hypertensive symptoms. In this case, it is possible to take an antispasmodic (spasgan, spasmalgon, balalgin), which will relax the vessels and at the same time will remove pain.

5. Popular medicines

It turns out that taking popular painkillers can earn not only problems with the stomach (they annoy the mucous membrane – no secret), but also hypertensive crisis. Especially if you suffer in high pressure. Scientists from Tel Aviv University came to the conclusion that the cause of hypertension, which, as is known, increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks, may be painful drugs.

There are painkillers, the side effect of which is the rise of blood pressure (it is honestly written in the instructions, but who reads it when it is necessary to urgently remove pain). Cardiologist Tamara Ogoriev says that such medications with paracetamol and caffeine. They, by the way, can weaken the effect of antihypertensive agents (that is, drugs that are prescribed by hypertensive pressure). So be careful.

6. Some products

It turns out pressure may suddenly jump after the satisfying lunch. Especially if you move the salin. Salt, as you know, delays fluid in the body, which invariably leads to an increase in the load on blood vessels.

Moreover, in addition to herring and sauerkraut, culprits «Foodie» Hypertension may be products with the so-called hidden salt – cheesecake sausages, salty cheeses such as Suluguni or weathered type parmesan, red caviar. Also increase the pressure of coffee and energy, fastened wines, vermages, beer. Lower the same drinks with an acidic taste – Mors, tea with lemon, a glass of light dry wine.

7. Patient spin

Do not be surprised if the cardiologist is in your heaviness complaints in the head and high pressure, send you to the X-ray spine x-ray. Osteochondrosis or the consequences of the disastrous back injuries often lead to the manifestation of hypertension, says orthopedist Sergey Goryachev. The reason is that due to damage to the vertebrae, constant tension of the muscles of the back and neck. And this can cause spasms of blood vessels of the neck and disruption of the brain.

By the way, the increase in pressure in the evening is often associated with an incorrectly equipped workplace, when the muscles of the eye have to strain much.


You always need an additional examination if:

  • – Hypertension suddenly arose after 60 years,
  • – The pressure rose suddenly and immediately to high numbers,
  • – Medicase treatment does not help.


Arterial pressure standards developed by WHO:

  • Reduced normal – 115-110 / 70 mmHg
  • Optimal – 120/80 mmHg
  • Upper boundary of the norm – 130-139 / 85 mmHg
  • Arterial hypertension – from 140/90 mmHg and higher.