What drugs reduce pressure

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During high pressure, you need to follow daily. High tonometer performance – The first sign of the risk of the development of blood clots and, as a result, stroke. Pharmacological companies offer a wide range of means to normalize pressure. In order not to harm your own health, it is important to take such medications strictly to the appointment of the attending physician.

Normal pressure testimony

Everyone should know the condition of its blood pressure. High indications – The reason to take a detailed examination to find out the reasons for increasing the indicators. The top value indicates how the power of the heart pushes the blood on the circulation system for circulation. And the bottom test – The force with which the blood pressure on the walls of the vessels, returning by arteries.

Normally, blood pressure must be close to perfect – 120/80 mmHg. Under reduced pressure, these indicators are lowered to 100/0 mmHg. A small increase to the values ​​of 130/90 mmHg can talk about excitement or temporary overexcitation. But if the tonometer never shows numbers less than 130/90 – need to contact a doctor.

Age has its impact on blood pressure indicators. For example, than a person younger, the lower it is. For age patients, small increases are allowed. High pressure is called hypertension.

Categories of medicines for pressure normalization

All medicines that can normalize the pressure state and rid of hypertension attacks, can be divided into several categories:

Beta blockers. Such medicines affect heart rhythm, reducing its frequency. Not every hypertensive can use such drugs. This is especially true of those who have their normal rhythm does not exceed 60 strikes per minute.

APF inhibitors. Such drugs are shown by those who increase the pressure due to excessive mining of hormones affecting the narrowing of the vessels. Preparations Ways to reduce hormone products, the action of which reduces the clearance of the circulatory system.

Diuretics. These medicines affect the kidney work right. In the people they are called diuretics. Some patients note sudden weakness and dizziness after receiving one tablet. Durable courses such drugs do not drink. They are used to remove swelling. Frequent use of diuretics can cause cramps.

Calcium anthonists. Such means have a relaxing effect on the walls of the vessels, due to which they expand, and pressure decreases. Calcium anthonists treatment can cause dizziness.

Only complete diagnostics can give an accurate answer, what kind of drug you need to reduce the pressure in each case. Independent reception of medicines affecting pressure, invalid.

Lysinopril – Safe preparation

Lysinopril refers to the category of ACE inhibitors. However, there is also a substance related to the diuretic group. This drug is often appointed to older patients who suffer from hypertension. It is allowed to use in diabetics, since the composition of the drug does not affect blood glucose levels.

The effect of one-time reception of the tablet is marked by the patient, after an hour, and its action is preserved over the day.

The main functions of lysinopril include:

  • improving the abilities of the heart to withstand the load in the conditions of acquired failure;
  • reducing the risks of the development of pathologies of the heart muscle;
  • Pressure retention within the normal range;
  • Help in stabilizing patients with diabetes mellitus.

The main side effects call non-hazardous states:

  • Feeling dryness in the mouth;

If dizziness or cough interfere with normal life, it is necessary to inform the doctor for changing the drug.

Moxonidine – Medicine with a minimum of side effects

Moxonidine has a minimum of side effects. The most unpleasant notes dry mouth and possible drowsiness. But most often keeping pressure in the norm without manifesting side effects, or they are poorly expressed, what a hypertone may not even suspect.

Another feature of Moxonida – Permission to use in patients with bronchial asthma. In addition, the components incoming the susceptibility to the hormone hormone. This means that the drug can be assigned to patients with diabetes.

As the main active substance, Moksodinin.

Lozartan: Is it possible to take from pressure

Lozartan refers to the category of sartan. The drug blocks enzymes capable of provoking the narrowing of the vessels. One-time reception becomes noticeable after 40 minutes, and the positive effect is preserved during the day.

No contraindications for using diabetes mellitus. Losartan potassium and hydrochlorothiazide protrude as the main components. Substances complement each other, reinforcing the therapeutic effect. Godrochlorothiazide is a diuretic, which speeds up the getting rid of the attack of hypertension.

High-pressure captop

Captopril refers to the group of ACE inhibitors and allows for a short time to reduce high pressure indicators to normal values. Minimum side effects makes the drug in a safe and affordable majority of hypertensive.

One feature of the drug is the activity of the composition. Because of what captopril does not use for a long time. If the doctor prescribes the drug by a long course, the patient will soon post the pressure reduction below normal indicators.

Special instructions hypertensive

High pressure – reason to control your condition regularly. If the pressure is constantly rumbles up to high marks, it needs to be kept in a normal admission of prescribed drugs. For many hypertensive, the course of receiving the means of reduced pressure can be lifelong. This will eliminate the risk of increasing the indicators and maintain pressure in the norm.

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