What Lowers Blood Pressure at Home

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Hello, dear readers. More and more often young people are facing the problem of high blood pressure. And before this issue concerned only quite elderly people, with few exceptions. The fight against hypertension has become a national task in some countries of the world. Therefore, everyone should know what lowers blood pressure at home (pills, herbal tinctures, diet). Unfortunately, everyone has to deal with this problem. What is blood pressure? Blood pressure is a measure of the force with which the blood pushes against the vascular wall. Blood pressure usually refers to the pressure of blood in the arteries (arterial pressure, or BP). When you have high blood pressure, it is important to know how to lower your blood pressure quickly and effectively at home.

Blood pressure has a double meaning:

  • the maximum rate (systolic) when the cardiac muscle contracts, forcefully ejecting blood into the bloodstream;
  • It is the minimum (diastolic) reading recorded when the heart muscle relaxes before the next powerful contraction.

This is the order in which they are listed. Blood pressure, like air pressure, is measured in millimeters of mercury.

In a normal adult, this index varies within small limits: the lower value can be from 80 to 90, and the upper – from 120 to 130.

A blood pressure of 140(150)/90 is already considered excessive. According to modern concepts, however, the optimum pressure is not higher than 120/80.

A reading of 130/90 indicates a prehypertensive state. For adolescence, the optimal reading is 130/80. This is due to the fact that the heart grows too fast compared to the development of the vascular system.

Symptoms of high blood pressure:

  • ✔ Tinnitus.
  • ✔ Occipital pain.
  • ✔ Dizziness.
  • ✔ Heartache.
  • ✔ Blurred vision, darkening of the eyes.
  • ✔ Nausea, gagging.
  • ✔ Nasal bleeding.
  • ✔ Shortness of breath.
  • ✔ Reddening of the skin of the face and upper chest.

Hypertension (high blood pressure, hypertension) can develop smoothly. Then the person experiences minor malaise, gets tired quickly, and sleeps worse.

These signs of a developing disease may be lost in the background. But sometimes these symptoms don't occur at all.

Then the only way to detect a prehypertensive state is to take regular BP readings. This is exactly what doctors recommend to do.

How to decrease the pressure quickly and effectively.

If you notice an increase in blood pressure, you should not ignore it. The cause of this condition and the presence of concomitant diseases (cardiac, vascular, diabetic, renal) are important.

The degree of pressure increase should also be taken into account.

Grade 1 – the upper reading is 140-160 mm Hg.

2 st. – 160(180)/100(110) mm Hg. Article.

3 st. – From 180/110 mm Hg.

There are several ways to lower blood pressure:

  • ✔ Pharmacological medicines.
  • ✔ Alternative remedies.
  • ✔ Massage, gymnastics, breathing exercises.
  • ✔ Change your diet.

Everyone should know how to reduce the pressure at home quickly and effectively. What medicines and folk methods to use.

How to lower blood pressure at home.

If you have symptoms of high blood pressure, you should first make sure by measuring your blood pressure. If this is not possible, one should act on the assumption that the values are nevertheless elevated.

Lie down or assume a semi-reclining position. Loosen the chest – take off loose clothing, unbutton the buttons, and loosen the tie. The patient needs fresh air. If the pressure spiked or the patient feels unwell, call an ambulance without delay. Do not disturb the patient and exacerbate the situation. Pull yourself together and calm the victim. If necessary, use sedatives (motherwort, valerian, etc.). If you have severe pain behind your chest, take nitroglycerin, one tablet. Place a hot water bottle between your calves. If the pressure does not bother the patient and the readings are not too much higher than normal, it is better to avoid taking any medicine. It is enough to take relaxation measures, prevent mental and physical overload, avoid salty and stimulating drinks in the diet, do not forget about the usefulness of daily physical exercise.

What lowers blood pressure at home.

If the non-pharmacological treatment does not give the expected results, you should switch to pharmaceuticals. Only your doctor should prescribe them.

The tablets.

It should be remembered that the treatment regimen that is effective for one hypertensive person can be absolutely contraindicated for another. So, there is no need to follow the pseudomedical advice of acquaintances, who offer very effective drugs for lowering blood pressure. And you should not recommend your drugs to other hypertensives.

Hypotensive drugs are divided into two main subgroups. The first includes drugs that are taken to relieve acute conditions.

The second group of drugs refers to the means that help maintain normal BP. They are taken for a long time.

This includes inhibitors, adrenaline blockers and calcium antagonists. To the first subgroup, respectively, belong all other hypotensive drugs.

Drug groups.

Diuretics, or diuretics (furosemide, triphas). ACE inhibitors (monopril, perindopril). Adrenaline blockers – alpha and beta-blockers (pyrroxan, concor). Calcium antagonists, or calcium channel blockers (verapamil, diltiazem). Sartans, or angiotensin-II receptor blockers (losartan, telmisartan).

In addition, antihypertensive drugs have a weak antihypertensive effect (no-shpa, papaverine, papazole, magnesia, spasmalgon).

Their advantage is that these drugs have relatively few contraindications and side effects.

Antispasmodics are used as adjuncts to normalize high blood pressure.


Some foods can affect the body in a way that lowers blood pressure. Therefore, those who want to normalize its inflated values, it is recommended to add the following components to the daily diet:

– Lemon is able to improve the condition of the vascular walls, increasing their elasticity, prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques;

– Cinnamon is a useful spice, which contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, should be used in moderation;

– Garlic is a natural vasodilator and reduces blood pressure when used daily;

– Ginger has an invigorating effect, relieves spasms and relaxes the blood vessels.

Beet will help to cope with high blood pressure. But you should know that you should not drink freshly squeezed beet juice. If you decide to cook it, let it rest for a few hours. Do not drink more than 100 g of the beverage per day. It is useful to eat beets with honey, mixing them in equal proportions.

It is impossible not to note the usefulness of pomegranates and pomegranate juice to combat hypertension. These products have a beneficial effect on the vascular walls, improve blood composition, tone up, make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals.

The amount of fruits and vegetables eaten should be increased. They contain vitamins, potassium and magnesium, which are necessary for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Also in the diet should be present lean fish, dietary meat, dairy products, honey, nuts, cereals, greens.

What is not allowed for high blood pressure?.

Keep in mind that over-salted food can provoke a spike in blood pressure. Therefore, you should avoid pickles, pickles and other salty foods, especially chips, store-bought crisps, salted seeds, nuts, fish, lard, smoked meats, sausages, etc. п.

Fats, especially those of animal origin, are also harmful. Spicy foods should also be set aside.

Drinks that have a stimulating effect, should also be discontinued. This includes not only coffee and alcoholic cocktails, but also strong tea.

The same applies to bitter chocolate, chocolate cream and other confectionary products with cacao. Emphasis should be placed on unsalted and purified mineral water. But the amount of fluids should be rationed, especially if there is a kidney disorder.

Drinks that lower blood pressure.

One way to lower the blood pressure without medication is to drink some beverages.

Cocoa. This delicious drink has a restorative effect, promotes the production of endorphin compounds, has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. But you should not abuse cocoa, because it contains caffeine and can cause overexcitation of the nervous system and another spike in BP. Green tea. An excellent beverage that has a diuretic effect, tones up, reduces the hypertensive symptoms. Do not use strong brew, it may negatively affect the blood pressure. Carcade. It is a floral tea that strengthens vascular walls and regulates their permeability. It is a natural diuretic and antispasmodic agent, which is the basis of its hypotensive effect. Beware! Should not be taken with a stomach ulcer, high acidity and tendency to allergies. Beet juice. Cannot be used as a fresh, it needs a long period of sedimentation. The drink helps to relax the blood vessels. It is recommended to take it in small amounts (no more than 50 ml at a time) mixed with other juices (carrot celery, cucumber). The share of beet seeds must be several times less. Watermelon seeds infusion. Seeds (2 tsp. л.) are put in a glass of boiling water and infused until the water cools down. Drink 20 minutes before a meal several times a day as a diuretic. Watermelon seed powder can also be used for the same purpose. The seeds are dried and ground beforehand. It is enough to take 0.5 hours per day. л.


Massage treatments increase blood circulation, relieve cramps, contribute to the elimination of edema, promote relaxation. All this helps to reduce the load on the heart, to relieve or even relieve the attack, prevent the occurrence of another pressure spike.

The effect is made on the cervical and collar zone. You can also massage the chest area and the scalp. You can also give the massage yourself, but it is more comfortable if you let a professional masseur or at least someone close to you do it.

Begin by stroking. Gradually increase the pressure. Avoid soreness. Do not apply too much pressure. You should be especially careful with the spine. Also you should be very careful if there are moles and warts in the massaged area.

Stretch the neck-collar area and then release the tension by stroking. After this the upper chest area can be massaged. You should not act so vigorously.

The treatment should preferably be completed by a light treatment of the back of the head. It is stroked, then gently massaged. It is permitted to move the scalp in order to improve blood circulation and stimulate the nerve endings. Each area is massaged for several minutes.


A complex of exercises should be coordinated with a doctor or physical therapy instructor. The load must be rationed. Exercise Examples.

To begin, use walking in place. Swinging the arms, bending and unbending, raising them above the head, and rotating them are useful. Focusing on abdominal breathing. Place your hands on your stomach. When breathing in, the abdomen is protruded, and when breathing out, the abdomen is retracted. In sitting position tense the buttocks muscles one by one, then roll from one buttock to another. Lying on the back, make serpentine oscillations of the whole body with a small amplitude. In the same position, bend the knees and slowly pull them up to the head, then straighten them. Turn over on your stomach and raise your legs one by one.

How to lower blood pressure by breathing.

Specific breathing movements affect the nervous system, changing the neuroregulatory function of the body.

The basic principle: inhale, a short pause, and slowly exhale through a ringed mouth. It should not be performed for a long time to avoid dizziness.

The back should be straightened, the shoulders apart. Also practiced is the diaphragmatic type of breathing (abdominal breathing), described above.

The exercise can be modified by pressing a tennis ball or a plastic bottle to the chest with the chin.

You can try another way to normalize the pressure. Lie on your back with your feet raised high on the wall or closet.

Breathe calmly and evenly, concentrating on breathing movements. This will help to calm down and ensure the outflow of venous blood from the extremities.

How to reduce the pressure when pregnant.

The situation in this case is complicated by the fact that many drugs are contraindicated. To normalize the blood pressure is recommended:

– Water with lemon and honey;

– Active rubbing of the earlobes, especially the lobes;

– Place socks soaked in vinegar solution and wrap feet in clingfilm.

Folk remedies.

Water. Wash your face with warm water. Apply a hot-water bottle to the collar area or the calves. Leeches. Vinegar compresses and wraps for feet. Vinegar diluted 1:1 with water. Herbal decoctions.

Herbs for lowering blood pressure.

Decoctions of yarrow, valerian, motherwort, hawthorn, rosehip, mint, calendula or their mixtures will be suitable. Drink in the form of a tea of pleasant saturation several times a day.

For coffee addicts, the alternative to this unhealthy coffee will be chicory. It tones and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Stevia can also help to bring down blood pressure.

Consult with your doctor before beginning herbal therapy. Some drugs and broths can not be taken in parallel.