With what pressure you need to call an ambulance

With what pressure should I call an ambulance?

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At elevated pressure of hypertensis often suffer from nausea, headaches and sensations «Mushhek» In eyes. This pathology and complications that it provokes, in most cases, become the cause of death and disability. Therefore, it is necessary to know with what pressure level should be called an ambulance.

If blood pressure rose to 110-139 / 70-89 mmHg, It does not have critical consequences. Will be sufficient to lie down and lead yourself in a calm condition.

When the tonometer shows higher values, namely more than 140/90 mmHg, need to start conducting pressure reduction procedures.

If the patient is at home, it is necessary:

  • Turn off bright light,
  • Install silence,
  • eliminate strong flavors and other stimuli.

Dangerous arterial pressure indicators are considered to be the numbers above 160/95 mmHg. In this case, you should call an ambulance and adopt hypotensive.

If a sick person feels very bad, ambulance must be called immediately, since hypertension is the cause of stroke and other serious complications.

High pressure often causes death and serious irreversible consequences for the health of the patient. It is necessary to know each hypertension, as well as what signs indicate the hemorrhage.

First aid at high pressure quite simple, It can be practically anyone. Hypertensive, which are sick for a long time, can cope with such pressure on their own, but if the state has arisen for the first time, it is necessary to immediately cause ambulance.

First of all, doctors recommend calming down. Man needs to be seated or put with a raised head. It is necessary to measure pressure and make this procedure every 15 minutes. The patient should remove the shy objects of clothing, for example:

1. Unbutton collar,
2. Loosen tie,
3. Remove belt.

It should also provide the influx of fresh and cool air. The patient needs to do slow deep outways and breathy. A distracting therapy performs an app to the icters and the footsteps of the heating floor or a hot foot bath.

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